The Infinity pump family shaped the industry standard for accuracy. The New Flocare Infinity III is accurate to within +/- 5%.


The New Infinity pump can be washed under a running tap. However it is not designed to be fully submerged in a basin of water for instance. It is waterproof to IP25 standard and allows you to thoroughly wash the pump.


Enhanced and intuitive user interface. Simple and easy to learn how to operate. Easy to maintain.


The pump has a number of safety features that make it reliable, safe and convenient, including a full suite of alarms and a clearly visible status indicator.


The pump has a superior colour screen, state of the art functionality and a simplified and ergonomic button design.

Nutricia Flocare New Infinity III

A small, lightweight, portable and accurate enteral feeding pump to suit any situation

The Flocare Infinity III pump safely and accurately delivers a nutritional regimen without compromising quality of life.

The Flocare Infinity is built to simplify the enteral feeding experience. It is washable under running water and can be used in any orientation, offering the very best in accuracy and safety.

Check out the online training tool and learn how to set up the feeding system and respond in case of alarms. You can also download product information and troubleshooting guides.

The Infinity III simulator is a great way to learn how to use the pump.
Have a question about the Infinity III? Try here first.
Pump displaying an error message? Look here for assistance.
Here you can view or download the Infinity III ‘Instructions for use’ PDF.
Here you can view or download the Infinity III ‘Infinity Pump brochure’ PDF.

New Flocare Infinity Training

A complete online Infinity pump training system

It is really important that you are comfortable with the operation of the pump and that you feel confident that you have access to the information and resources that you need to support you. With that in mind, we have developed a section of the website dedicated to training. The resources you find here include a series of instructional videos demonstrating how set up the feed, the giving set and the pump; programme different regimens into the pump; and recognise and deal with pump alerts and alarms.

You will also have access to our unique Infinity pump training simulator. The simulator operates in exactly the same way as the ‘real’ pump and offers you the opportunity to interactively operate the pump to set feed volumes and rates. You can also undertake a short test to confirm what what you have learned about programming the pump and a second test to make sure you can recognise, and deal with, the pump’s alerts and alarms.

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New Flocare Infinity FAQ's

Common questions about the New Infinity answered!

Will the Flocare Infinity III pump work in any direction, also when not using a dripstand?

Yes. If used in conjunction with Nutricia reservoir feed and Flocare Infinity sets, the Flocare Infinity does not require a dripstand as the system is non-air dependent and will pump all the feed from a pack in any position. If any other feeding reservoir is used and not the Nutricia feeding reservoir, then a drip stand and venting system (e.g. bottle set) will be necessary.

Will the Flocare Infinity III pump store programming and feeding information?

Yes. The Flocare Infinity III pump has a new memory feature, which means that it will store all administered therapies for a maximum period of 30 days, as well as the amount of fluid administered since the progress bar was last cleared. Information on alarms is also stored but needs special data cable to access information.

Can I lock the pump to prevent tampering?

Yes. The THERAPY LOCK will lock an active therapy to avoid therapy tampering. It is not possible to select a new therapy or reprogram the active therapy when the therapy lock is activated however it is possible to restart a locked therapy. Clearing the progress bar is still possible. A therapy lock can be activated in PAUSE mode only by pressing SETTINGS THERAPY LOCK and a valid PIN code must be entered. When a therapy is locked, a lock symbol appears in the status bar. Unlocking a therapy is done via the same procedure.

What is the difference between the Flocare Infinity 2 and the Flocare Infinity III?

The Infinity III allows intermittent feeding as well as Volume/Rate and Rate only feeding. You can program up to three personalised therapies and review your feeding history over thirty days. For further information on the differences between the pumps programming please refer to the Flocare Infinity III section of this website.

What types of feeding sets can I use with the Flocare Infinity III pump?

You can use the Flocare Infinity feeding sets with the Flocare Infinity III pump. Flocare Infinity feeding sets contain a patented pump insert, which is key to ensure the pumps' accuracy and alarm functions. Nutricia has a wide range of Infinity sets available to ensure compatibility with various Nutrition feeding reservoirs.

The 'on/off' button or the 'fill set' buttons do not work (or the keypad doesn't work /the interactive tool does not allow me to switch on the pump).

As an additional safety feature the 'on/off' button and the 'fill set' button on the keypad must be pressed for 2 seconds until a beep sounds. The keypad only activates the pump after the beep sounds. Pressing the key for 2 seconds is a deliberate action and reduces the risk of accidentally activating priming or switching the pump off.

The 'ON/OFF' and 'Fill Set' buttons on the pump simulator behave in the same way as the real pump and these buttons must be held down until a beep sounds.

How do I remove previously programmed settings?

To edit or to delete a personalised therapy navigate from the home screen to settings personalise therapies and select the therapy that needs editing or deletion.
Note: deleting a therapy will erase all stored previous programmed therapy settings and make the personalised therapy available for re-programming a new personalised therapy.

How much feed is pumped into the set during priming?

12ml of feed is pumped during priming when the 'fill set' button is depressed for 2 seconds then released. This amount should fill the Flocare Mobile Pack set (the shortest set in the range). The feed will stop just short of the end of all other Flocare sets as all other sets are slightly longer than the mobile set.

How can I remove the small amount of air left in the feeding set once it has been primed?

The air left in the feeding set is minimal and should not normally present a problem. However, if you do need to expel this air follow the instructions below carefully :
Re-press the 'fill set' button for two seconds until a beep sounds (this will re-start the priming procedure, and begin to pump feed down the tube thereby removing the air at the end of the tube)

Once the feed has expelled the air from the tube, immediately press the 'fill set' button again to stop the priming procedure.

Should you not remove enough air this procedure can be repeated until all air is expelled.

Note : Please be careful to watch the feeding set tube end expel the air, as failure to stop the priming procedure in time may cause the tube to leak feed out accidentally.

What are the pump's battery life and recharge times?

Fully charged battery life is 24 hours at 125ml/hr. For higher or lower feeding rates the battery life will differ accordingly. It takes approximately 6 hours to completely recharge the Infinity pump.
The Flocare Infinity III is equipped with Lithium/Ion battery technology and needs to be fully charged for a period of 6 hours prior to first use, this will maximise the battery life time. The battery microprocessor continuously monitors the battery state of health and the pump will warn the user when the battery is depleted for 70% or more and needs replacement.

Battery age125 mL/h
1 year24 hrs
2 year24 hrs
3 year20 hrs
4 year16 hrs
5 year12 hrs
70% depleted 7.2 hrs

Note: The battery capacity is an estimate. If you are unsure that enough battery capacity remains for your intended therapy, connect to the AC power adapter until recharged.

Can I gravity feed with the Flocare Infinity feeding sets?

Flocare Infinity pump sets are fitted with an anti-free flow device for optimal safety. This kind of device means there is no possibility of feed accidentally flowing through the set if it is not loaded correctly into the pump and the pump is working.
For this reason, it is not possible to gravity feed using the Flocare Infinity pump set.