Nutricia® Flocare G-tube

Flocare® G-tube

A silicone balloon catheter gastrostomy tube placed directly in the stomach, by passing it through the abdomen.

Flocare® G-tube description

The Flocare® Gastrostomy tube (G-tube) is a silicone balloon catheter used as a replacement tube in a previously established stoma. G-tubes are used as a replacement gastrostomy tube, to ease the care and replacement for patients and carers.

The G-Tube is NOT to be used as an initial gastrostomy placement. Nutricia does not recommend this as per our 'Instruction for Use", as the G-Tube is designed as a replacement balloon gastrostomy. Do not overfill the balloon and use sterile water or saline.


Easy to place and replace by inflating and deflating the balloon with water
Designed for maximum patient-comfort
Long-term tube feeding and/or stomach decompression
Transparent silicone tube, Charrière 10-14-16-18 or 20, complete length ±23cm, distance marks printed in centimeters from the balloon onwards
Radio-opaque tip
Latex and DEHP-free materials
Colour of the balloon inflation port indicates Charrière size, the balloon contents are printed on the ring:
White:Ch 10 Balloon contents:3 ml
Green:Ch 14 Balloon contents:5 ml
Orange:Ch 16 Balloon contents:10 ml
Red:Ch 18 Balloon contents:15 ml
Yellow:Ch 20 Balloon contents:15 ml
Funnel connection with closure cap
Silicone external fixation disc for fixation and kink-free bending of the tube, for maximum patient-comfort
Silicone internal retention balloon
Tubing in the balloon contains a radio-opaque line
It is contraindicated to place or replace a G-tube in case of a non-established or infected stoma site, ascitis or peritoneal carcinoma (please refer to the "Instructions for Use" document)

NOTE: Please note that product availability may vary in your country. Please contact your Nutricia Head Office to obtain a list of the Flocare products available in your country.