Nutricia Flocare - Flocare® 800

Flocare® 800 pump

An enteral feeding pump intended for bedside use

Flocare® 800 pump

The Flocare® 800 is an enteral feeding pump intended for bedside use in hospitals, nursing homes but also in your own home. The pump is very easy to operate because of its straightforward display and programming options.

The Flocare® 800 pump can administer continuous and dose feeding and has an extensive alarm functionality.

The pump also can be used for short ambulatory periods (max 3 hours).

Check out the on-line training tool and learn how to set up the feeding system, program the pump and respond in case of alarms. You can also download product information and troubleshooting guides.

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This troubleshooting guide will provide you with more information and guidance on Flocare® 800's alerts and information messages.
Move your mouse over a pump display image below to discover how to deal with it.


  1. The pump has been left in "hold" mode for 3.5 minutes
  2. Reset the alarm by pressing the "HOLD" key, or
  3. Continue feeding by pressing the "RUN" key


  1. The feeding set is incorrectly placed
  2. Press the "HOLD" key, insert the plastic retainer into the bracket on the pump, and then "RUN"


  1. The pump has finished administering the programmed dose
  2. Switch the pump off by pressing "OFF" key, or
  3. Program the pump to administer a repeat dose by pressing "HOLD" and then "RUN"


  1. The feeding container is empty
  2. Change the feeding container or switch off the pump
  3. The liquid level in the drip chamber is too high
  4. Remove the set from the pump, hold the set upside-down so that feed runs back in to the container, until the chamber is ca. one-third full
  5. Reload the set
  6. The sensor area is dirty
  7. Remove the drip chamber from the slot and clean the drip detector sensors with a damp cotton swab
  8. There is an obstruction to flow, either in the feeding set or in the tube
  9. Check the feeding set, ensure that the roller clamp is fully opened and that there are no kinks in the tubing, and/or
  10. Remove the set from the pump and check if feed is flowing from top to bottom (with the roller clamp open), and/or
  11. Check if your tube is clogged by flushing the tube.


  1. Ca. 30 minutes of battery time remain
  2. Connect the pump to the mains and charge the pump
  3. During charging the pump can be used


  1. The pump needs repair
  2. Contact your healthcare practitioner

Frequently asked questions

Answers to many of your questions regarding the Flocare® 800 pump's operation.
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What is the Flocare 800's accuracy and how does this compare to other pumps?

The Flocare 800 pump is accurate to within +/- 10%, which is comparable to the majority of other enteral feeding pumps in the market. For reference, the Flocare Infinity is accurate to within +/- 5%.

How should I clean the Flocare 800 pump?

Always unplug the Flocare 800 pump prior to cleaning. It is recommended to clean the pump immediately after any spillage. Thoroughly clean all surfaces with a warm damp cloth only. Always maintain the three rollers on the rotor in a clean state to ensure they spin freely. Do not immerse the Flocare 800 pump in water, cleaning solution or fluid.

What is the main difference between the Flocare 800 and the Flocare Infinity pumps?

The Flocare 800 is a pump intended for bedside use whereas the Flocare Infinity can be used in an ambulatory setting as well. In addition, the Flocare Infinity has additional advanced programming options and memory features.

What types of feeding sets can I use with the Flocare 800 pump?

You can only use the Flocare 800 feeding sets with the Flocare 800 pump.

What are the pump's battery life and recharge times?

The battery life is 3 hours at average feeding rate, to allow for patient mobility. It is recommended to run the pump connected to an AC power source. It takes approximately 12-16 hours to completely recharge the pump.

Can I gravity feed with the Flocare 800 feeding sets?

Yes. The design of the Flocare 800 sets allows for gravity feeding.

Does the Flocare 800 retain previously programmed flow rates after switching off the pump?

No. If the pump is switched off, all memory and programming is erased.

Pump documentation

Copies of the Flocare® 800 pumps operating guides and instructions for downloading, printing, searching etc.