Nutricia Flocare Universal Pack Sets

Flocare® Universal Pack Sets

Connecting enteral feeding tubes and packs, containers & bottles

Flocare® Universal Pack Sets

Universal Pack Sets enable connection between enteral feeding tubes and Nutrison Packs, Nutrison bottles, or other rigid containers with a ∅40mm screw cap or a ∅26mm crown neck, as well as all collapsible / air dependent / non-air dependent presentations of enteral feed.

Features & Benefits

All of our sets are clearly distinguishable from parenteral feeding systems due to their lilac colour.

Universal Pack Gravity Set

This feeding set will be used for gravity feeding.

Universal Pack 800 Set

This feeding set will be used for pump feeding with the Flocare 800 feeding pump.

Universal Pack Infinity Set

This feeding set will be used for pump feeding with the Flocare Infinity feeding pump.

Additional information

Selecting the best connection for your patient means choosing the most appropriate, and the safest, connection. Ideally this connection will have no (or a limited number of) adapters; this avoids confusion, improves safety and produces the lowest number of waste products.

  1. Tube feeding may only commence after correct position of the tube has been validated (e.g. by pH measurement of gastric contents).
  2. Follow aseptic practice when handling feed, tubes and feeding sets.
  3. Flush the tube before and after feed and medication administration, and at least 3 times a day.
  4. Sets need to be changed every 24 hours.

NOTE: Please note that product availability may vary in your country. Please contact your Nutricia Head Office to obtain a list of the Flocare products available in your country.